Evaluating the requirement for a pre?exposure prophylaxis plan with the social networks app Grindr

Evaluating the requirement for a pre?exposure prophylaxis plan with the social networks app Grindr

B Hampel

1 section of transmittable illnesses and Hospital Epidemiology, institution medical Zurich, college of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland,

2 Institute of healthcare Virology, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland,

K Kusejko

1 department of Infectious conditions and medical facility Epidemiology, University Hospital Zurich, institution of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland,

2 Institute of Medical Virology, institution of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland,

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1 section of Infectious ailments and Hospital Epidemiology, college Hospital Zurich, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland,

2 Institute of health Virology, college of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland,

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3 movie director of Grindr for Equality, Los Angeles, CA, UNITED STATE,

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1 Division of Infectious issues and medical facility Epidemiology, college Hospital Zurich, institution of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland,

2 Institute of healthcare Virology, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland,

J Fehr

1 section of transmittable ailments and Hospital Epidemiology, college healthcare facility Zurich, college of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland,



HIV pre?exposure prophylaxis (Pr EP ) isn’t recognized in Switzerland thus must be shelled out money for from users by themselves. We carried out a study to determine whether men who’ve love-making with people ( MSM ) in Switzerland materialize to be having Pr EP , or will be looking at deploying it, and whether it be getting taken under health related direction or otherwise not.


Grindr® is a geosocial networks app for MSM . Between 5 and 24 January 2017, people that use the software who have been based out of Switzerland by a universal placement system ( GPS ) comprise questioned to participate in in a ten?question survey on Pr EP use.


For the 2455 people who took part into the review, 1893 are part of the investigation. Eighty?two people (4.3%) stated that these were at this time having Pr EP , 64 of whom (78%) asserted that these people were under healthcare direction. Seven Pr EP people (9%) declared which they had not taken an HIV experience in the prior one year. Nine hundred and forty?four (49.9per cent) were contemplating getting Pr EP in the next six months time, and 1474 (77.9percent) had been deciding on using it at some stage in the future.


In an internet analyze carried out among intimately active MSM in Switzerland, only a fraction associated with the anyone greeted answered which they comprise at present using Pr EP . However, a great deal of players happened to be considering using Pr EP sometime soon. All of us recognized a considerable percentage of Pr EP users using Pr EP outside a medical style. For this reason, a national programme assisting the means to access medical aid and promoting Pr EP try quickly required.


HIV pre?exposure prophylaxis (preparation) denotes making use of antiretroviral drug to keep HIV illness. Huge studies demonstrated large efficacy of continual 1, 2 or intermittent 3 preparation use of tenofovir disoproxil fumarate/emtricitabine (TDF/FTC; Truvada®) in high?risk populations. PrEP had been approved by the as well as drug management (FDA) of UNITED STATE in 2012. Through the years, preparation has become available under different environment a number of other countries.

In Switzerland, anticipation tactics need generated an improvement associated with the HIV epidemic in past times years 4. However, you will still find a number of just noticed HIV attacks yearly. People with gender with people (MSM) are more disturbed party, making contributions very nearly 1 / 2 of new HIV medical diagnoses, indicating that a subgroup of MSM is attained by existing prevention strategies. Contained in this framework, PrEP is https://datingmentor.org/california-los-angeles-dating/ likely to be a powerful software matching the available HIV prohibition ways. TDF/FTC will never be recognized for preparation utilization in Switzerland. But government employees amount for reproductive health posted recommendations on suggestions track anyone getting preparation and aids the need for anyone at perilous for becoming affected with HIV 5.

However, it’s confusing how many individuals are using preparation in Switzerland or will be looking at it. Reports from social websites as well American core for diseases regulation (ECDC) American PrEP reports suggest that you’ll find a number of folks in Switzerland currently making use of common TDF/FTC purchased through using the internet pharmaceutics without the medical watch. They have reached threat of promoting drug?related issues for example unresponsiveness 6 and adverse side effects. Likewise, in instances where condoms are not put, getting different intimately transmissible infection (STIs) is far more probable 7.

If You Wish To gather info of the number of individuals currently using PrEP in Switzerland, and to evaluate the acceptance of PrEP among sexually effective MSM in Switzerland, all of us performed internet research in the MSM networking application Grindr® (Grindr LLC, California, Ca, American). The goal of the review ended up being evaluate the requirement during the MSM society for a national preparation programme as well as the genuine and likely quantities of PrEP individuals in Switzerland.


Design And Style

Grindr® was a geosocial networking software for smartphones and tablets, intended to assist MSM to meet up with some other guy within neighborhood via geolocation. It runs with apple’s ios and droid. Along with 6.5 million productive individuals every month, according to studies furnished by the firm Grindr LLC, Grindr® is one of well-known cellular application towards MSM community globally. Between 5 and 24 January 2017, people that use the Grindr® app have been found in Switzerland by a major international location technique (GPS) had been questioned to participate for the review. Practical question starred in the three nationwide dialects expressed in Switzerland, for example. German, French and Italian, plus in English on changing nights. To make certain of anonymity, the review made an appearance on an impartial websites . The individual could choose from these four tongues. When the players received accomplished the review, a cookie prevented these people from getting involved again from the exact same computer. To accomplish increased reply speed, you saved the review as small possible, utilizing the predicted occasion necessary for a participant in order to complete the survey being 1 minute. For issues 2, 3, 6, 7 and 8, answers from all individuals had been integrated regardless of whether a response was handed or otherwise not. Query 4 and 5 comprise merely taken into account in situations where thing 3 had been addressed positively. All of us supplied access to information about PrEP in every four languages and furnished discusses of HIV gurus in Switzerland into the individuals. The form is provided in Body ? Figure1 –

The analyze form. Pr EP , pre?exposure prophylaxis.

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