“I still remember the great shock we seen. Exactly how experienced this occurred? The reason why this child of all people there was duty for?

“I still remember the great shock we seen. Exactly how experienced this occurred? The reason why this child of all people there was duty for?

“It got sudden. At first there had been dilemma about Peter had expired. It might be hard to believe, but at that time there had been no consult of serious damage and so the issue of ‘how’ however must be replied. I’d little idea suggestions react.”

Christou had proved helpful in social assist two-and-a-half decades, the majority of it in children’s treatments. But she’d never ever practiced everything along these lines. While examinations into Peter’s fruitful site passing were underway, she persisted to utilize the family she experienced duty for nonetheless anxieties of trying to carry on during the tasks while operating the depression of Peter’s demise had been remarkable, she claims.

It had been throughout violent test, where she would be advertised as a witness, that this bimbo first of all bet the “utterly terrifying” amount of media affinity for the storyplot. To the 11 th November 2008, by using the beliefs for Peter’s death served, it has been revealed the serious case analysis might possibly be posted together with the press stepped-up the fascination with the societal people.

The very first day a writer pulled on the entrance, ended up being the final she actually practised in a career that this chick says she treasure but still misses even today.

“That was the previous week used to do any act as a cultural individual. The mass media and politicians received moved in making they unsafe personally to return to get the job done,” she states.

“I also thought unsafe at home as correspondents and photographers realized their approach to our home. The actualization around then week of just what was unfolding was the next great shock to our system.”

Days of nationwide statements become months, following days became months. From this time sunlight experienced founded the ‘Baby P’ run like a petition requiring the sackings of Christou and her co-worker. It had gotten 1.4 million signatures.

Christou recalls will a shop and seeing an invite to sign it on the countertop.

“It am awful. Recently I needed to leave”, she claims. “At that period the coverage was actually therefore huge. It actually was full-scale here. I just couldn’t do anything. We believed numb and overcome.”

At points the worry, the disappointment, the pity and also the vulnerability noticed frustrating, states Christou: “You either allow it completely complete we switched off or else you have to go on.

“I nevertheless received some other functions in their life I needed to complete. I Experienced to find the intensity to keep heading.”


In May 2009, Haringey’s disciplinary procedures end. Christou am explained she’d get sacked combined with the various other social practices staff members active in the situation.

Nine times eventually she am explained your social efforts regulator, the GSCC, would submit the finding of a lengthy investigation into the exercise to practise of Christou and Maria infirmary, who was simply Peter’s allocated public staff.

The researching found both personal employees’ problems in the event amounted to misconduct. They never keep appropriate records. Ward have did not see Peter often adequate. Christou, as Ward’s supervisor, didn’t offer adequate supervision to her public employee.

Nevertheless Christou and Ward had not been barred from becoming cultural staff. The GSCC circulated the pair with suspensions after finishing that the company’s mistakes weren’t serious plenty of to allow them to become smitten switched off. The commission dealing with researching claimed an impressive off order would have been “disproportionate” and serve no factor aside from rewarding “a thought of public demand for responsibility and punishment”.

Christou says the GSCC’s purchase object “hugely essential” to her provided the tabloid narrative which had produced around her and Ward.

“They could see that we ownedn’t deliberately or maliciously set out to disregard this son or daughter and the families. These people can’t find out adequate to assume we ought ton’t become social professionals. But the mass media became exclaiming ‘these customers should definitely not getting permitted near children’, that many of us were a danger for the common.”

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